Photograph: Priyageetha Dia's Golden Staircase installation, 2017 

I recently travelled to Yogyakarta, Indonesia and Singapore on an Asialink residency project supported by the Department of Culture and the Arts, Western Australia. I wanted to broaden my curatorial practice through exploring approaches to exhibition making, socially engaged practice and community development. Whilst the main component of the residency was in Singapore, I also spent two weeks in Yogyakarta where I was able to undertake curatorial research. In both places I wanted to extend my knowledge of the creative sector through researching emerging and established artists and curators working across different disciplines. This research enabled me to explore possibilities for future collaborations. In particular, I was interested in researching the role of artists and curators in how place is imagined, represented and created. I adopted an active research methodology so that I could also produce knowledge from the project through interviews with artists and curators, enabling them to speak about their work, in addition to developing content for a new website blog. Singapore has a diverse arts sector that represent multifarious approaches to curating, from established and resourced institutions, to artist run initiatives and independent curators, and aims to position itself as a regional hub for SouthEast Asia, therefore, representing an effective entry point into understanding the region, more generally. I selected Yogyakarta because of its position as a rich and dynamic cultural hub in Indonesia, with a number of organizations and practices whose avant-garde thinking is creating unique and innovative propositions around socially engaged practice, and art production. A facet of my research was investigating how artists explore postcolonial history, as well as looking at artists who are examining historic ties through maritime links across the ocean between Indonesia, Australia and Singapore. I'll publish updates about projects to emerge from the residency. 

IVAA workshop