My practice seems to me to exist in a space between many things: materiality and performativity; absurd humor and grueling tenacity; ritual and release; sound and silence; it is intuitive and considered; ephemeral and object- based. It inhibits body, object, room and world. - Angie Seah

Angie Seah is a multidisplinary artist from Singapore, who works across a variety of mediums, including drawing, installation, performance and sound. She is currently on residency in Paris, but we exchanged emails to talk about the community arts projects she has developed. These are just one facet of her rich and diverse practice. 

SW: Could you explain your journey to art, and the evolution of your multidisciplinary practice? 
AS: My journey in art started with my rebellion period during my youth. Quite a non conformist myself, I often clashed with school authorities. I decided during this time I wanted to work for myself and express “people views”. I went on to study in an art college and major in sculpture. During this creative process, I have started to explore a lot of different mediums like drawing, prints, making objects till now.In my later practise I begin to experience making performance art, which I find very authentic. It embraces my life philosophy of living art. From then, I get to work with improvisations and all my other disciplinary works like sound, video.etc.Gradually, they all come together and weave my ideas into a body of works, a  way for me to map my works together like a “city".Ever since I have always confronted my fears of the unknown, due to my curiosity for knowledge and vivid imagination. I learn and appreciate “ mistakes” and make beautiful marks with it. 

SW: What is your interest in developing participatory work with communities? Could you describe some of the projects that you have done with communities in Singapore. 
AS: Art is an open invitation to step outside of our own reality, tune in to other worlds, and reach higher planes for moments of revelation. - Robert Henri

To uplift the human spirit has always been the core objective in my art practise. Working with community has become natural and essential process for me.  Art is indeed a powerful social tool. I have tailored workshops and projects with specific communities of specific needs. From my creative metrologies, I hope to share my palette of art process with community, like a sound project called Sounding Motion (2013) where I customised a tour itinerary for the elderly who did sound recordings in different environments, sound drawing and moving along with their recorded sound in space using media technology

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