Stockyard workers from Life and Work on Roy Hill Station, 1955, Courtesy State Library of Western Australis 
 Reko Rennie, Andrew Dowding and elder David Stock on Roy Hill Station during the project development. Photograph, Sharmila Wood 
 Gathering of station hands and their families at Boolaloo Station, 1959m Courtesy State Library of Western Australia
 Map of Ashburton showing the Native Well, Courtesy State Records of Western Australia
  Marlbatharndu Wanggagu- Once Upon a Time in the West , Artwork by Reko Rennie
 FORM Gallery installation, courtesy of Bewley Shaylor
 Audience member viewing the temporary exhibition, photograph by Sharmila Wood 
 South Hedland Square featuring the Blackstone Ramblers, photograph courtesy of Bewley Shaylor
 Images of paste ups from the project that remain in Port and South Hedland
 South Hedland Square audience shot from the launch of  Marlbatharndu Wanggagu  courtesy of Bewley Shaylor 
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